David Ellingsen’s ANTHROPOCENE: October 11 – 29th/2016

The photographs in ANTHROPOCENE incorporate themes of science, mythology, evolution, human industry and our place in the natural order. Viewed through the lens of anthropogenic climate change, it is my intention, with the suggested transmutation of human and animal remains, to speak to both the physical and the mystical connections between humans and the natural world.

This project was informed by the photographs made by missionary Martin Gusinde as he documented the last indigenous tribe of Tierra del Fuego from 1912 to 1918 and by Irving Penn’s meticulous mid-century skull studies. Additionally, a review of historical cultural artifacts that imply a welding of human and animal essences influenced many of the final pieces. The images in ANTHROPOCENE continue the ideas embodied within these works… the timeless, universal chains of allusion and metaphor surrounding life, death and the relationship between humankind and the environment.