Taryn Brown and Sandra Froher: February 26 – March 30/2018.

Taryn was born in Oliver, BC and studied Art History at The University of Victoria and in 1998, she studied in Picasso’s birthplace, Malaga, Spain at the Instituto Al-Andalus. Her art is full of energy with a focus on colour and its movement. What she wants to capture in her art is not an accurate portrayal of the subject, but the energy and dynamism of the subject. Taryn’s work has been featured in Homes and Living Magazine, Art Avenue Magazine, WHERE magazine, Focus Magazine, Dining Out magazine, as well as being featured on a local TV review.

For Sandra Froher, energy art is the depiction of movement through bold shapes and colours that evoke a vibration or a connection to life. The art delivers hope and possibility in a world of chaos. Sandra’s process is organic in nature, allowing the first drops of ink to define whats next. Her latest collection of ink work is heavily influenced by the unknown celestial world and the unseen waters of the ocean. Sandra’s work invites you to go on a journey from the inside out allowing the art to move and inspire you through your own exploration in life.