Moss Wall Art

Most of us could benefit from more time spent in nature. A dynamic mood booster, living and working with plants has proven to improve productivity and even concentration. However, our modern lifestyle doesn’t always allow us the time we need to connect with green spaces. Modpots Moss Art pieces are the perfect solution to bring plants to you.

The rising star in interior plantscape design, moss walls are a simple and unique way to bring nature inside your home or workplace. Created from a variety of preserved moss and plants, these unique, nature-inspired art pieces are 100% natural and completely maintenance free. For those of you that haven’t been blessed with a green thumb, the preserved moss wall requires no sunshine, no watering and no trimming. Literally, maintenance free. Just hang and enjoy.

While preserved moss does not breathe like living moss, it is harvested from forest floors and undergoes a special preservation process to retain its colour, texture and soft, plush quality. It looks and feels organic and provides the same cognitive benefits of a living wall. 

Moss Wall Art is the perfect choice for areas with little to no direct sunlight. Modpots offers a variety of styles and sizes from small squares, hexagons, mountains, and rounds to larger custom pieces for larger green walls and spaces. A lush nod to the west coast, our Moss Wall Art is a serene way to bring an earthy conversation piece to your home or office.