Walker Zanger at Island Floors

Island Floor Centre is proud to announce their exclusive partnership with premier tile and stone manufacturer, Walker Zanger. Founded over 60 years ago, Walker Zanger began quarrying marble and other exceptional stone throughout the world. Today, they have evolved into the world’s leading luxury brand in the tile and stone industry. Walker Zanger is built on the promise to ask, “What will you create?” and “How will you be inspired?” They maintain traditional art forms to produce authentic, classic materials, as well as utilize modern technology to achieve contemporary designs.

From hand-pressed terracotta to cutting-edge 3D concrete, there is tile and stone to suit every project. Pulling inspiration from historic architecture and decorative arts, designers at Walker Zanger create exclusive designs available only through their partners. With offerings from porcelain, ceramic, glass, and cement, Island Floor Centre is ecstatic to offer this truly stunning collection of materials for the home, hospitality, and commercial spaces. For more, visit victoria