Soleil Mannion, July 6th – August 1/2016

Born in the Netherlands, Soleil Mannion’s formative years were spent in Vancouver, B.C. Her travels through the dramatic landscapes and seascapes of the Pacific coast awakened her artistic insight and personal aesthetic. In 1991, Soleil moved to London, England to engage in multidisciplinary art studies in drama, dance, and costume design. As she went on to work and teach in acting and costume design, she refined her sensitivity to lighting and spatial dimension — elements which have played a central role in her paintings and mixed-media works ever since. While overseas, Soleil traveled through Europe, cultivating an openness to aesthetic discoveries along the way.

In 2003, Soleil moved to Vancouver Island and completed fine art studies at Vancouver Island University. Soleil is an artist who seeks to call forth an initial feeling response with her work, which can soften armour and open doors to imaginative and thinking engagement with art.