Sandra Froher and Kylee Turunen Exhibition: Jan 2 – Jan 29th/2017

Born in Terrace BC, Sandra Froher is a self-taught emerging artist living on Vancouver Island. Her creative process is organic in nature, allowing the first drops of ink to define what’s next. Trust and connection to inner guidance allow her to stay true to the intentions and encourage the process to unfold. For Sandra, energy art is the depiction of movement through bold shapes and colours that evoke a vibration or a connection to life. The art delivers hope and possibility in a world of chaos.

Sandra’s newest collection of ink work is heavily influenced by the unknown celestial world and the unseen waters of the ocean. Living on the west coast has influenced this collection’s choice in subject matter and hidden within each piece is a subtle gem waiting for you to discover.

Kylee Turunen is an emerging Canadian artist, born and raised in Ontario and currently residing in Victoria, BC. Growing up with the constant exposure of her artist father, she picked up an appreciation and excitement for creating art. She completed the Fine Art program at Toronto’s Centennial College in 2009. Since then, she has continued to develop her skills as a fine artist working primarily in acrylic on canvas.

Kylee’s work has always had a consistent theme of nature, however, her style has progressed into a more abstract interpretation of her surroundings. She works with colour and form, often playing with opposites like curves and straight edges, or light and dark tones to create contrast within her work. Painting abstract and stylized art allow her to escape from reality, creating something completely original from a place only in her mind. She enjoys the freedom of expression involved in this process. Kylee is driven by the desire to see what she will create next as her work is continually changing and evolving.