Zebra Group

Zebra Design has been a leader in innovative, award-winning home design on Vancouver Island for over 20 years. Owner and head designer, Rus Collins has worked with thousands of clients over the course of his successful and diverse career. His discerning eye brings out the hidden value of each property, transforming good bone structure into stunning artistic achievements.

Zebra Interiors is the successful counterpart to Zebra Design. Offering full service, multi award-winning interior design, we will elevate your custom home to dream house status. Headed by Lorin Turner, Zebra Interiors listens to its clients’ needs while honouring the original architecture of each home to create a harmonious balance between design + lifestyle.


Martin Whitehead contributes decades of construction experience to every project. The essence of Zebra Construction is in our passion and desire to work together with our clients assisting them in turning their “DREAM” home into their “REAL” home.

For us there’s nothing more rewarding or makes us feel more proud than when we know we have  exceeded their expectations, and created something truly personalized that’s just for them.