Eden Projects

Looking for an outdoor living space that executes exceptional composition & form? Hopeful for a landscape that beckons guests to step outside and forget about the hustle of everyday life? EDEN Projects is the studio to turn to.

Transform your exteriors with a balanced execution of thoughtful design, seamless transition, and organic textures that engage with the spirit and relax the mind. We create intentional outdoor ‘living rooms,’ thoughtfully surrounded by a symphony of botanic tapestries. Leaning into the principles of appreciative inquiry, our design team reflects on the unique desires of those who seek to immerse themselves into the grounds of their property, intentionally observing the value of every square foot of the landscape. The ‘cultivation of quality of life’ is the EDEN Projects mission statement, and it’s always delivered.

With 20+ years of industry experience, founding director Danée Marie Lambourne demonstrates her agency as an experienced landscape construction lead. As a congregator of craftsmanship, she ensures the north star of every project stays focussed on its goal, encouraging collaboration at every stage of the process and graceful pivots when and where required. Leaning in on skill, camaraderie, and genuine collaboration that exceeds expectations, our emphasis on quality materials and superior craftsmanship results in a timeless design, regardless of theme or style.