Sovereign Condo – Small Footprint With a Bold Design

Article by Jody Beck. Photography by Robert Lovett.

Ben Brannen, of Bespoke Design has a gift for adding bold, lively patterns to a space; small footprints are no exception. We took a few minutes to speak with him about a recent interior design project that passed with flying colours.

MHV: How did this project materialize?
BB: The client contacted me when they had secured the unit in the Sovereign and were excited to get an early start. They had originally contacted a designer but, tragically, they were unable to start the project. I hope Brucewould be pleased with the outcome we produced.

MHV: Were there any design problems you needed to address with this project?
BB: New construction is not without its challenges. Some of the largest challenges were space-related. The second bedroom was to house two young boys (sharing a room) but it was very, very small. We managed to fit two twin beds and a side table, but  just barely. To contradict the tight space, we went large scale with a giant 4’X4′ “cloud” light fixture!

MHV: Tell me about the patterns that were used throughout the home.
BB: The client liked contemporary design and I wanted to make sure it was comfortable – for patterns we went for large graphic patterns – bold injections of colour – but only in feature areas like the entrance wall and master bedroom headboard wall. Likewise it translated will in the kids bedroom using the Shumacher Chaing Mai Dragon wallpaper and coordinating cushions. We played it soft, applying white, grey and low key hues with all the other paint colours.

MHV: Tell me a bit about the design process on this project.
BB: The client has impeccable taste and made herself available for several meetings where we could go through many details and maintain momentum (even thought she was living quite far away during the build). At one point she told me how important it was to her to have my spin on the project because she would gravitate to what was comfortable for her in the past. That gave me the opportunity to add a comfort factor that I was craving.

MHV: Any favourite vignettes for you that must be mentioned?
BB: I absolutely love the bench cushion on the Hickory Chair sofa – it doubles as a sleeping surface along with the fold out Trix Ottoman. Even though it is a 2 bedroom condo, the whole family could feasibly crash (maybe for 1 or 2 nights anyway).

MHV: What is the best part about designing condos or smaller spaces?
BB: I like the challenge of making them feel comfortable and practical. Everything must have a purpose. I also think a smaller footprint makes for a simpler life – you need fewer things and therefore you can have better quality things that you really enjoy for years and years.