Monk Office Receives EcoStar Award

Congratulations to Monk Office for their recent EcoStar Award for Waste Management. Monk was the successful finalist in the Waste Management category thanks to the recycling practices of their entire team. Special congratulations to Debbie Schultz and the Eco Team for their hard work and determination, along with each employee for choosing to make an impact.

Awards are selected by an independent panel of judges, and here’s what they had to say about Monk:

“Monk Office is a local company with 140 staff and 10 locations. They started tackling sustainability in 2006, working first on waste management. In 2006, their eight-yard dumpster was emptied eight times every month. In just a few short years, they reduced the dumpster size to a six-yard unit which is emptied only once a month! This 98% reduction in waste going to the landfill has been maintained ever since 2010!”

Photo Credit: Studio Robazzo. Studio Robazzo is a holistic lifestyle design studio focussed on collaborative and sustainable innovation. They were selected to design this year’s Ecostar Award. Learn more about them here.