Front Entry Doors by Karmanah Wood Design

Mastercraftsman, Aaron Stevenot at Karmanah Wood Design creates custom-built doors that set the tone for your home’s interior and offer a lasting first impression. We think entrances should be as carefully executed as your interior. “Our custom-built doors unify the presentation of the façade by harmonizing the build materials while resonating with the surrounding landscape,” says Stevenot, who adds that a custom door dramatically improves your home’s curb appeal to stand out from neighbouring homes.

From simplified, sleek minimal design elements that feature custom handles to bold pyramid panels that create contemporary takes on classic door designs, a door should make a bold impression to elevate your home’s appeal.

Glass panels in complex arrangements and black steel, copper, and aluminum inlays offer infinite artistic possibilities to reflect the unique appearance of your home. Whether your home has modern angles, character appeal, or a west coast contemporary design, Karmanah has the expertise and creativity to enhance your home’s theme in a custom-tailored approach.