Interview with Jenny Martin

Words by Michelle Heslop. Photos by Joshua Lawrence.

What inspired you to get into the interior design industry and how long has it been since you started? My parents owned a successful construction company that built sets for movies and large theatre productions. The dining room table was often piled high with blueprints and stacks of samples. I was fascinated with how directions were communicated through blueprints and how each line and movement on the page had a direct effect on the finished product. I suppose I was inspired by the art of coordinating concepts for construction. I’ve now been in the industry for 15 years.

Do you have a design philosophy or guiding principles that lead you through each project? Function-forward design. Our in-depth architectural approach to design is one of the things that really sets us apart from many others in our field. We really dig into our client’s day-to-day lifestyle — how they move through their day, their workday flow, family calendar, and passions. There are so many innovative and brilliant systems available now; our goal is to elevate each and every one of those daily processes with just the right solutions. Making the spaces beautiful is easy, it’s the aspects you can’t see at first glance that make a home really spectacular. 

Your studio has grown significantly over the past few years. What do you attribute to your success? Our architectural approach to design and a phenomenally talented team of designers who all share the same philosophy. Inspired by our clients themselves, we are driven by the desire to design homes around the fundamentals of function and daily flow. All of the details are documented in highly-detailed technical documents and blueprints. Having a set of detailed directions for each and every one of the trades to follow makes for a smoother build process and polished final product.

What is one design trend that is here to stay? Which one needs to go? I have a deep love for authentic natural materials, and although I wouldn’t consider them trendy, they are a staple in my office and we will continue to use them in our designs. We fight the urge to follow fits of fashion or trends, leaning heavier on timeless, classic selections.

If given a clean slate, how would you design your dream home? I absolutely love coastal beach homes and probably always will. Between my husband’s tech company and my design firm, two little girls, and constant renovations, life is busy. Our current home is a restrained palette of neutrals and white and the next one would most likely be the same. A home filled with calm restful energy is important to me. I love bringing in beach-inspired palettes layered with natural texture and materials. Livable, durable, and timeless.

If you weren’t a designer, how would you spend your days? I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. I love what I do, and I love the relationships we build with our clients. When it comes to things I like to do in my spare time, I love watching my two little girls explore and experience all that the West Coast has to offer. We live in a pretty incredible part of the world, so getting out to enjoy the remote islands and private coves is a real treat.