Interview With Will Ganong

Interview by Michelle Heslop. Photo by Jody Beck.

Give us a brief background of your experience in the construction and timber industry. My brothers and I grew up visiting my Grandpa in his fine furniture shop in Vancouver. I started in the trade when I was 18-years-old and did my four year apprenticeship with an Oak Bay based custom home builder. Once I got my Red Seal, I worked in heavy-duty industrial concrete for two years, but I always knew my passion was in residential home building.

It was the Traditional Timber Framing program that I enrolled in at the College of the Rockies that marked a turning point in my career. From there I led projects in various locations across the Pacific North-West with a timber frame home builder in Nelson, British Columbia. After three years of leading high-end projects, I started Kingston Carpentry & Timber and became incorporated in 2020.

Can you tell us a bit about your philosophy as a builder? My business ethos is to create homes that embrace a natural aesthetic in a sustainable way while ultimately aligning with my client’s vision. Collaboration is at the heart of my business leading to open communication with architects, designers and clients. Learning about the advancements in building technology and modern design keeps me moving forward, but I am equally committed to carrying on a legacy of traditional craftsmanship.

Since Timber is in your company name, can you speak to your specialization? There is something special about timber framing that has always appealed to me. I attribute my appreciation for highly detailed craftsmanship to my personal connection to my Grandpa’s work from such a young age. Fine craftsmanship is in my blood. The first time I saw a timber-framed home, I realized it was the perfect way to combine my love of woodworking and home building.

Any recent projects that have inspired you and your team? We recently built a mid-century modern custom home for a wonderful family on Salt Spring Island. Exposed board-formed concrete walls, timber beams, and floor-to-ceiling windows are a few of my favourite elements that created a harmonious balance between the natural landscape and the home’s architecture. The client’s concept was to maintain the natural pastoral setting while introducing natural materials and embracing an open plan with clean lines on the interior. We are always inspired by these one-of-a-kind homes and the clients that want to embrace the natural surroundings.