Harmonious Urban Landscape

Article by Adrienne Dyer. Photos by Mario Dubreuil.

For Logan Thomas, owner of Red Door Landscape Design & Build, this boutique urban garden epitomizes his approach to every project: it represents a collaborative effort that meets the client’s lifestyle needs while marrying outdoor spaces with the home’s overall architecture and interior design.

“When my mother, who is an architect, salvaged this heritage greystone building, she transformed the interior with an ultra-modern, open-concept design, using lots of stainless steel and incredible lighting effects,” says Thomas. He carried that unexpected blend of historic and contemporary styles out into the garden, where every inch of space is customized to achieve that balance.


“My mother wanted multiple areas for different uses, with flow between,” adds Thomas, who centred the garden around a three-tiered water feature, constructed from locally quarried limestone to match the home’s foundation, but with a sleek, modern design that complements the home’s interior. The cascading flow of water soothes away city noise, while stainless steel marine pot lights add beautiful ambiance to the garden in the evening. A removable deck plank provides easy access to the hidden plumbing and electrical components for maintenance.

In addition to the water feature design, Thomas’ use of details, like brushed aluminum in the fencing, reflects style elements inside the house. Wicker planter surfaces add textural variety to the smooth glossiness of water and stone, while contrasting plantings and natural materials define the different living spaces.


The deck, where the homeowner can enjoy a cup of coffee, transitions through the water feature via a flagstone step down to the limestone patio, which is large enough to host a dinner party. From there, flagstones lead to the sanctuary of the side garden, where more naturalized plantings surround a seating area formed by large boulders.


“With urban spaces, landscaping is about salvaging elements from the past — working with what’s there within the context of its neighbourhood,” says Thomas. In this boutique landscape design, the garden can grow and evolve within its tiny confines, yet remain in timeless harmony with the house.