Dana Statham and Wendy Oppelt: March 26 – April 22/2018

Capturing vibrant west coast landscapes with bold colours, Dana Statham’s paintings invoke feelings of perpetual summer as she aims to represent her idyllic island lifestyle. Grateful for her upbringing on Vancouver Island, Dana’s connection to place is so strong she uses acrylic paint to visually communicate her coastal surroundings. With both Denman and Hornby her muse, she captures their coastal shorelines, native arbutus trees and underwater kelp gardens with lively saturated palettes and opaque colour gradients.

Wendy Oppelt is a contemporary artist continuously inspired by the human spirit and the splendor of nature. Wendy grew up in a home full of artistic expression with murals on the walls and a garden full of sculptures and paintings. In 2009, shortly after the passing of her father, an artist and performer, Wendy picked up her father’s brushes and began to explore her joy and grief. Her first piece of work was accepted into the Sidney Fine Arts Show. Impulsive, bright, and whimsical, Wendy’s artwork celebrates life and reflects the vibrant colours of her soul.