April Ponsford and Eloise Dumas: May 28th – June 24th/2018

Born and raised in British Columbia, April Ponsford has always been fascinated by nature. More specifically, her intrigue extends to nature’s rhythms, patterns and cycles, as well as its realm of human interlopers. As an abstract artist, April aspires to convey nature beyond the limits of realism, to reflect an inner state that seems directly connected to the act of creativity. “What interests me most is to allow the process of painting to take over, to be free in spirit, constantly pushing the boundaries to create compelling and distinctive imagery.” Participating in both group and solo shows, April’s work is also in private and corporate collections internationally.

Eloise Dumas’ life as a young girl involved growing up in the countryside, where nature and animals were abundant. Eloise’s connection to nature as a child deepened her sense of imagination. Through her themes and subject matter, she is trying to establish an emotional connection with the viewer. “The essential part of it is when looking with our heart, our senses tend to be present. I shall call it the sacred moment through this experience, thus, the beauty of my art.”