Allison Brodie and Bev Robertson: July 31st – August 27th/2017

Painting full time from her home in Victoria or on Salt Spring Island, Allison Brodie draws inspiration from the land, sea and nature around her. She has been focusing mainly on large, acrylic on canvas paintings, but has recently begun to experiment with other mediums and surface types. Allison’s artwork can be found in collections in the United States, Vancouver Island, Vancouver and as far away as England.

Bev Robertson finds inspiration in capturing the light as it hits the flowers in the gardens around her and the movement and light of the ever changing ocean, lakes, and skies of beautiful Vancouver Island where she lives and wherever she travels. Currently, Bev enjoys realism and representative painting in both acrylic and oils on canvas. Bev has a new energy to her work and is discovering and learning new techniques in her continuing journey.