Air Plants – A Simple and Beautiful Way to Complement Your Home Decor

Tillandsias, better known as air plants, provide an intriguing and beautiful opportunity to add life to your space. In nature they attach themselves to branches of trees and they survive off of air and natural precipitation. In your home they need only an occasional spritz or dunk in water.

At Biophilia Design Collective, we enjoy using air plants in our living art installations as they are diverse and captivating. Their lack of need for soil allows us to display them in airy and abstract installations. Suspended in metal, tucked into leather pockets or nestled into glass globes, the applications for air plant installations are limited only by imagination.

Our art is inspired by our clients style, fashion trends and by creating unique attractive pieces using the juxtaposition of grounded elements (metal, wood, leather, glass) in playful ways. Check out our web shop to view this living art, or starting this fall find us at Still Life Victoria.


Geometric Air Plant Cages – Welded stainless steel cages for hanging or mounting on your wall. Shop the different sizes online here. 


Three Pronged Air Plant Wall Mount – Create a wall of floating plants. The stainless steel prongs are welded to a self-tapping screw for ease of installation. Shop the wall mounts online here.


Hot Pink and Cedar – Hand stretched and formed leather, attached to reclaimed wood mount. Different colours and configurations available.